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Who we are

Ali Shorer – Strategic Director and Trainer

Ali has nearly 20 years of teaching, training and lecturing within schools, universities and businesses.

She strongly believes that being able to communicate effectively is key to success in life, whether you are sharing ideas and thoughts with friends or giving a keynote presentation. This is why she set up Articulacy alongside Julia, as she is passionate about teaching people the skills to communicate naturally and become confident speakers.

She is really interested in speaking and is particularly interested in how formative assessment improves one’s speaking confidence.

Julia Ward – Managing Director and Trainer

Creating a specialist company to enable people to communicate effectively was a natural progression for Julia. She uses more than 30 years of experience in education and training to support people in their personal battles to communicate more effectively, build confidence and polish speaking skills. She works with people of all ages and backgrounds and believes that being able to tell each other how we feel, express our ideas and value those of others is the bedrock for successful relationships both at home and work.

Julia also works as an examiner assessing nationally recognised oral communication qualifications and travels throughout the UK and abroad working alone and in collaboration with other companies. She is in a role she loves.

Leanne Fennell – Business Manager

Leanne is very passionate about education and careers and helping people to be the best they can be.  She has considerable experience working within the training and education sector; training to be a primary school teacher, training young people with disabilities and special needs about issues such drugs, communication skills, boundaries etc, then training job seeking skills to disadvantaged young people and University students.

Her role is behind the scenes management of Articulacy. She organises training events both within schools and businesses and is here to answer your questions.

Our freelance specialist trainers:

Trevor Bradshaw

Trevor has worked therapeutically with children, families and adults for 20 years and believes in using his experience as a counsellor, communicator and trainer to equip, empower and enable others to achieve their full potential in life. He is particularly passionate about emotional literacy and the role this plays in our relationships, personal development and ability to communicate with others.

Having worked in a variety of different settings he has gained experience in a wide range of mental health issues and disorders, particularly, those experienced by children and young people.

Trevor’s motto is “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Darren Parr

Darren’s background in drama and theatre arts, as well as an abundance of sales and motivational training is key to his teaching style and he believes passionately that all children are capable of success.

He thrives on getting the best possible results from all students and knows that being able to communicate effectively is a vital skill for us all . He has also worked as an Ambulance Care Assistant and been partly responsible for training and improving other staff members where working in stressful situations has further reinforced for him the importance of effective communication.

He believes that improved confidence enhances learning for children in all aspects of their education, in turn this complements life skills such as job interviews, networking, and improved confidence in new situations.

Ben Masters

After twenty years of teaching English in secondary education, Ben decided to take some time off for good behaviour.

Having recharged the batteries and made a minor dent in the book pile by the side of the bed, he took the leap of faith and went freelance. Now copywriting and copy-editing pay the bills, as well as private tutoring. He is a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

He claims ESB runs in his blood! He did the English Speaking Board examination over thirty years ago, when he was 11. His dad was an ESB examiner but obviously not for his assessment.

A big believer in the power of the written and spoken word, he said, ‘I am delighted to join Articulacy as a tutor. What an inspiring team of people to work with!’

Louise Miller-Marshall

Louise has over twenty years’ experience in education, working as a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, before moving into school leadership, eventually retiring as a Headteacher in 2018.

She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people, and is enjoying putting her considerable experience of public speaking to good use when working with Articulacy.

She is also skilled at working with adults, and has enjoyed mentoring and coaching people into leadership positions. Now, as Director of Utter Perfect, she is busy with a range of training and consultancy projects.