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“I just wanted to let you know that I have shared the exam results with the students that completed the course and they were absolutely thrilled!  It’s made such a huge difference to their confidence – they keep asking ‘what’s next?!”  

It was lovely to be able to feed back to their parents also – all said that their children were noticeably more confident by the end of the weeks work and how happy they seemed on Friday when they arrived home.

Despite gaining the overall qualification, it is obvious to me how much of an impact the week had on them – huge steps for them.  I’ve had several students asking me if they could do the course next time (the word has spread!), which is fantastic. Thank you for the support and a great week, it is a great project and one we hope to take part in again.”

Kate, In School Coordinator, King Edward VI Community College

“The English Speaking Board initiative is probably the single most influential thing I have been involved in as a leader and educationalist. To see the learners grow over a week, overcome the fears and self-doubt and realise their potential through academic rigour was breathtakingly transformational; especially for an inner-city community like ours. Articulacy UK LTD are just spectacular.”

Paul, Deputy Headteacher, All Saints Academy

“I thoroughly enjoyed the week and got very emotional on the Friday listening to some of them perform their exam pieces – it was incredible watching how much they grew and developed in confidence and skill throughout the week.”

Margaret, Teacher, Pool Academy

“It’s definitely built my confidence and it is also made me get to know people who I don’t usually talk to. The week was fun and it has been a great learning experience for me.”

Emilie, Bridgwater College

“This week I really improved on building my confidence and I am able to present a presentation without worrying. All the tutors and ambassadors were really friendly and I managed to feel comfortable.”

Jamie, Clyst Vale Community College

“I enjoyed this week so much! Before this week I would never have imagined standing in front of so many people and speaking but now I feel much more confidence. This week has really helped.”

Madeleine, Whitstone School

“I thought to begin with, that the project wouldn’t of impacted my confidence or of been that enjoyable. At the end of the week I look back and have enjoyed making presentations to show and I believe it has boosted my confidence and I will be more educated in making engaging presentations.”

Holly, The Blue School

“It was very fun and enjoyable. It was a great experience that has drastically improved my confidence and I feel like I could do a speech with much more enthusiasm. I also learnt my first poem ever and loved reading out loud.”

Callum, Marine Academy Plymouth

“I thought that this week was good. I have enjoyed working with the student ambassadors. The games were great fun and I feel like I have talked to people that I’ve never talked to. I feel more able and confidence. I’m glad that I was able to take part in this programme.”

Billy, Bodmin College

“This week I found it very fun and I even go home and practice every night (although I don’t actually do homework very much) on Monday I didn’t think I could do it but now I can’t wait to do it tomorrow!”

Marni, Bridgwater College

“As a non-native speaker it is not an easy task to speak in front of a group even if you know your topic really well. Working with Ali gave me the confidence to stand in front of 150 people and deliver a talk ‘off the cuff’ without any power point as a help. Having people applauding at the end and congratulating me was probably the best feeling ever… Thanks for your invaluable help!”

Carola Becker, Nutritional Therapist, Life is Good

“I am a priest in the Church of England, a diagnosed dyslexic. The only way to deliver sermons is to read them word for word which can be distracting for the congregation as I was unable to look at them.

I worked with Articulacy to improve my delivery, the suggestions of increasing print size, one sentence at a time, slow delivery down, emphasise phrases. I returned to preaching with greater confidence and able to look up and connect with my audience keeping them engaged with the teaching.

I had a further session to prepare for an interview that required a short presentation. I was offered the post.”

Priest, Church of England

“A big thank you to Julia at Articulacy for all of the help, guidance and support she gave me with my recent application for university. Her professionalism, positive encouragement and advice lead me to securing an interview for my chosen course at my first choice university. Thank you Julia!”


“I found the ‘Communicating with Confidence’ workshop extremely useful and felt so much more confident by the time we had completed the day. I took away many useful tips to help me in the future and look forward to speaking/presenting with confidence in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Articulacy to anyone who needs help in this area of their business/life.”

Chris Heron, PA, Time Well Spent

“Articulacy has given me the confidence to promote my business, recognising my difficulties and empowering me to do it anyway. From feeling very uncomfortable about selling me, my products and services I now feel very excited about sharing with the world my passion about helping people create positive change comfortably.”

Rebecca Bright, Sound therapist and self-care coach, Return to inner Harmony

“We had a fantastic workshop on the UK Youth Job Market and Job Applicant Skills. Our trainer was extremely helpful with all our questions and she did a marvellous job! I learned a lot of new facts which will help me be more successful with my lessons. Thank you very much for everything!”

Jutta Vrba, Vocational School teacher, Landeshauptstadt München

“I immensely enjoy working with Julia and the team at Articulacy, seeing the change in the confidence levels of the students even over a relatively short space of time is so pleasing. It leaves you feeling like you have really made a difference to their lives. As a student ambassador from Plymouth University I would highly recommend the Articulacy programme to all educational institutions and also encourage other ambassadors to come and work with the team.”

Darren, Student Ambassador, Plymouth University

“Working with Next Steps Cornwall on the Articulacy qualification has been a hugely rewarding experience. In doing so I feel very fortunate to have been able to witness the positive change and build in confidence that this project enables under-confident teenagers to experience. As cliché as it sounds, you really feel like you are making a difference in these children’s lives – even if just for a few days – and you have hopefully made them think about aiming higher and reaching their potential in the future.”

Mary, Student Ambassador, University of Exeter

“Working alongside Articulacy Project has been successful in raising the aspirations of groups of our most vulnerable and unconfident young people. Spending time nurturing these young people and arming them with the ability to communicate, affects not only their belief of their potential within school, it also changes their outlook on how they can confidently approach their futures.”

Lara, Outreach Officer, Next Steps South West

“Articulacy give dysfunctional children a chance to learn, complete and achieve and help their self-esteem. Candidates feel better about themselves after completing the exams and results are sometimes amazing. The children’s behaviour is always supportive towards each other in an exam room. Julia and her team are dedicated to getting the best out of the candidates. Their whole approach is firm and caring and the children know exactly where they are with the teachers of Articulacy.”

Bunty, English Speaking Board Examiner

“I have been involved with Articulacy on a number of occasions over the year, as an ESB examiner. Not only have I very much enjoyed the involvement, I have been most impressed with the results that this team achieves with their students. All the teachers demonstrate high standards of professionalism whilst working at a level with the students to encourage these young people to try out and achieve new heights in totally unfamiliar fields. In a very short space of time, the candidates are thoroughly prepared and well-practised so that by the time I, as the examiner am welcomed into the group, they demonstrate a confidence in their ability to share their work within a supportive group.”

Janet, English Speaking Board Examiner