Oracy Enrichment Programme

Oracy Enrichment Programme

We are looking for partners to pilot our new Oracy Enrichment Programme. You get INSET training for two days a year, up-skill teachers to deliver ESB workshops themselves, a one-week summer workshop included each summer, preferential rates on workshops, and dedicated tutor support.

schools across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset

What Is It?

Our intervention programme places oracy at the heart of your curriculum. We promote the art of natural communication for all people to help them be articulate in all areas of their lives for success.
The ability to articulate your knowledge and ideas is essential. This programme is designed to enable speaking and listening to be embedded into your teaching so that all learners experience the talk for learning approach in each lesson.

We will support you to make this a whole school approach that embraces what children need to be able to do in real life; debate, question, present, answer, share ideas… This is an investment in your learners’ self-efficacy and resilience. We know that when a learner overcomes difficult real-life challenges it can raise their self-esteem.

The Programme

Year 1
• 2 days Level 1 training for all teachers
• 3 days of coaching for teachers
• Online resource access

Year 2
• 2 days of Level 2 training for 4 teachers
• 2 days of coaching for the 4 teachers

Year 3
• 2 days of Level 3 coaching for 2 teachers
• 2 days of coaching for the 2 teachers
• 2 days of Level 1 training for new teachers

School Commitments

  • Believe in the benefits of speaking pedagogy
  • Include the programme in the pupil premium development plan
  • Write an oracy policy for your school
  • Identify INSET training days three months in advance
  • Display the logo of programme on website

Articulacy Commitments

  • Support your school in writing an oracy policy
  • Provide a dedicated Articulacy School Mentor/Tutor
  • Support your school in identifying your learners’ oracy needs
  • Support you to write an Oracy Action Plan
  • Preferential rates on summer school workshops

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