Oracy APPG

(All-Party Parliamentary Group)

What is the APPG?

We are actively involved in the Oracy Network group to raise the aims and awareness of the Oracy APPG objectives. Emma Hardy MP is chairing this group to seek to improve oracy education in schools.

Our Patron Emma Hardy is an ex-teacher who is passionate about raising this in education to help social mobility and children’s self-efficacy.

hours spent teaching students how to communicate effectively

Oracy APPG Seminar

Articulacy, in partnership with Plymouth Learning Partnership, will be leading a seminar to gather the thoughts of students and teachers and other education professionals that will feed into the Oracy All-Party Parliamentary Group inquiry. Proposed date for this will be Monday 2nd March.

Oracy Network Members

  • Articulacy
  • The Communication Trust
  • Debate Mate
  • Elkan
  • English Speaking Board
  • English Speaking Union
  • ICAN
  • LKMco
  • National Literacy Trust
  • The Noisy Classroom
  • Oracy Cambrige
  • Talk the Talk
  • Trivium
  • Speakers Trust
  • Shakespeare Foundation
  • Voice 21

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