Uni Connect

(National Collaborative Outreach Programme)

What is Uni Connect/NCOP?

Uni Connect works to help ensure fair access to higher education for all sectors of society. They target resources at areas which have a lower-than-expected level of progression on to university. In practice, that frequently means working with young people from areas of socio-economic disadvantage.

students taught, with more added every day

What Do We Do

Our projects improve life chances and help achieve social mobility for some of the most vulnerable young people in the South West. Our training in communication skills gives them the “soft skills” that enable them to succeed in interviews and to achieve both in education and in the workplace. This leads to greater aspiration, better engagement with school and learning, and improved prospects for their later lives.

We know that “Interventions that tackle inequalities while children are young have potential for the most lasting impact” (The Sutton Trust report “Social Mobility in the UK 2017”). As educators, we know only too well how poor communication and interaction skills can limit opportunities for disadvantaged young people, resulting in them not achieving their potential educationally or in later life. Education can lift people out of poverty, and by supporting young people, in collaboration with Uni Connect, that is what we work to achieve.

Our Workshops

  • Articulate!
  • Future Me
  • Communicate Your Way to HE
  • Communicate with Confidence

The Numbers

Collaborating with Uni Connect (NCOP) has enabled Articulacy to reach into schools across the South West. Over 2,000 students have benefitted from our week-long, intensive workshops, gaining confidence and self-esteem as well as vital life skills and a nationally recognised qualification.

  • 2357 students taught rising every day
  • 2109 qualifications achieved
  • 100% pass rate for English Speaking Board qualifications
  • 58,490 hours spent teaching students how to communicate effectively
  • 56 schools across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset

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