Emma Hardy

“As a former teacher I would like to endorse the work Articulacy do around the country to raise young people’s self- esteem and aspirations to speak well. I am pleased to become a patron of Articulacy because as an MP, I value how being able to deliver messages clearly can help build a person’s confidence and their ability to speak in both professional and social environments.”

Roger Graef OBE BAFTA

We are delighted to have Roger Graef as Patron of Articulacy. He is a renowned film-maker, producer and theatre director in the arts world, but in addition to this he is a criminologist and the Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics. He has produced so many influential films and documentaries (our favourite is Just because I am talking doesn’t mean you are listening – YouTube) that it is a very long list and among his many advises the Met Police about offenders. Roger is so well accomplished it is hard to list all the wonderful things he has achieved!

Paul Warwick

Paul Warwick is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, a Fellow of Homerton College and a managing member of Oracy Cambridge, based at Hughes Hall. He is engaged in a range of research and teaching activities that link with his interests in oracy and dialogue in teaching and learning, primary science education, the uses of technology in teaching and learning, and the professional development of trainee and beginning teachers. He is the Principal UK Investigator on the Digitalised Dialogues Across the Curriculum (DiDiAC) project, a collaboration with the University of Oslo funded by the Research Council of Norway. As a patron of Articulacy, Paul states:

“Whether in school, in work, in wider society or in personal life, the ability to communicate positively and appropriately is essential for building strong relationships based on mutual understanding, the ‘engine room’ of all collaborative endeavour. I am proud to be a patron of Articulacy, an organisation whose work is vital in helping both children and adults develop the communication skills that we know are vital in the modern world.”

Elizabeth Stokoe

Elizabeth Stokoe is Professor of Social Interaction in the Discourse and Rhetoric Group at Loughborough University; Professor II at University of South-Eastern Norway, and a consultant at Typeform. She uses conversation analysis to understand how talk works – from first dates to medical communication and from sales encounters to hostage negotiation. Outside the university, she runs workshops using her communication training method called the “Conversation Analytic Role-play Method“. She is a WIRED Innovation Fellow and her research and biography were featured on the BBC Radio 4’s The Life Scientific. In addition to publishing over 120 scientific papers and books, she is passionate about science communication, translating the world of conversation analysis for audiences of all kinds. She has given talks at TED, New Scientist, Google, Scifoo, Microsoft, and The Royal Institution, and performed at Latitude and Cheltenham Science Festivals. Her book, Talk: The Science of Conversation, is published by Little, Brown (2018).

“I’m delighted to become a Patron for Articulacy, as its mission to inspire people to become effective speakers – and to use real language to achieve practical goals – is closely aligned to my own research-based communication skills training across settings and sectors of all kinds.”