About Us

About Us

Articulacy is the brainchild of Julia Ward and Ali Shorer and it seemed to be a natural progression from our combined 50 plus years of teaching.

“Our ethos is underpinned with the notion that everyone needs to be heard and understood regardless of their background, culture or beliefs” Julia Ward, Director

We bring our values to school at a very young age, when our opinions are being formed. We take this into our relationships from school and into the workplace. This is often met with differences in opinion and, opposition.

In a fast-paced world of change brought on by technological advances and unprecedented access to information, there is a compelling need for communication support in our schools, workplaces and in relationships.

Our award-winning workshops involve high energy and fun and carry a very high approval rating due to our focus on individual needs.

“The growing need for communication and oracy has been identified as a major factor in a young person’s progression whether it’s higher education or their career”

Today, we help individuals to communicate more effectively and help them unlock their confidence. The results of our fun-to-attend workshops are tangible and come with recognised qualifications.  Whether it’s a lack of self-esteem or confidence, we engage the most anxious of individuals in your school, university or workplace. We understand that supporting people with their personal battles to communicate more effectively, discover confidence and polish their speaking skills, are more vital today than ever.

Contributing and investing in an individual’s future success is crucial.  The evidence is clear that today’s generation needs communication support more than ever before. Articulacy will help you achieve this.

We want you to be the judge though so, let’s have a conversation!

“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.”

Mark Twain

Meet The Team

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Ali Shorer

Strategic Director and Trainer

“Social media is killing communication skills.”

I hear a lot of people making this claim but personally, I don’t think it is true, I believe we are simply changing the way in which we communicate. We need to be able to communicate in all ways and I truly believe that effective oral communication skills are the key to your success whether you are sharing ideas and thoughts with friends or delivering a keynote presentation. That’s why I set up Articulacy and my commitment to the art of expressing yourself never wavers. We can assess speaking skills just like any other skills and we can earn valuable qualifications in one for the hardest of the ‘soft’ skills to master. Call me and I will tell you how.


Julia Ward

Managing Director and Trainer

“Life would be so much easier if everyone communicated effectively!”

Don’t you get frustrated when people ‘beat around the bush’ or ‘drift off the point’? I have been teaching people how to communicate with confidence and make a strong impact for years and the difference it makes can be life changing. I have seen teachers in tears when they hear previously ‘silent’ pupils speak in public, they did not believe it was possible to teach people these skills. I am here to tell you it IS and Articulacy will do it for any one of you. Call us and I will help you to discover the confidence that is there just waiting for the chance to evolve!


Leanne Fennell

Business Manager

“Shall I tell you a secret?""

I am never happier than when I have a spreadsheet in front of me and am creating systems to make your life easier. I am the Business Manager of Articulacy for a reason and that is because when it comes to administration, I let nothing beat me! I will tailor any administration to suit your needs. You are the most important person to me, and I know that you will feel confident to work with Articulacy because I will make it straightforward for you to do so. All you ever need to do is contact me and I will liaise and ensure the smooth running of your project. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Louise Miller-Marshall

Trainer and Facilitator

“The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future.” F. Sionil Jose

My job as a tutor for Articulacy is to ensure that your children have the skills that they need to prepare them for their futures. The skills I teach are excellent communication skills, confidence and self efficacy, the need for which are greater than ever. As an ex head teacher responsible for the education of hundreds of children and as mum responsible for the life of just one, I know how important this is for the futures of our children. Let me do the job I am passionate about and work with your school and your children. You will see the difference it makes, and the impact we can have for both now and for their lives going forward.


James Girow

Bookings Officer

“Forms, forms and more forms, life is full of paperwork!”

It is true to say that whenever we work with large groups of people, we have to be sure that we have all the right forms completed with all of the right information and that can be very tedious for busy people everywhere. You can’t escape it, but I can make it all easier for you. Working closely with our Business Manager, Leanne, I manage all your bookings, check that you have given me all the correct information and make all the changes on your behalf. Between us, our job is to make your project work as smoothly as is possible.


Ben Masters

Trainer and Facilitator

“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.”

Emerson’s words are as true today as they were two hundred years ago. And, closer to home, there’s the Cornish expression: “The tongueless man gets his land took.” Language can both free or trap us, empower or enslave. As an English teacher turned copywriter and Articulacy trainer, I am spurred by a desire to arm young people with the power of words. In this world of Instagram and influencers and urbandictionary.com, they instinctively know that language, as much as knowledge, is power. I’d love to share my experience and skills to empower your young people.


Trevor Bradshaw

Trainer and Facilitator

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you always got.”

I use this a lot when I’m working with people, mainly because it’s true. My experience working in counselling, personal development and mental health is a constant reminder of the need to communicate effectively. Using the Articulacy programmes, I teach people how to find their voice and express their thoughts and feelings. The result is often, an increase in confidence, improved self-esteem and a greater ability to authentically meet inner needs. It brings me great joy to work with people across the world and one day I would like to work with you. Call Articulacy to find out how.